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crop anonymous child drawing with white paint at home
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Tools that helped me: Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder

When we started our journey with kiddos diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, I thrived on the research. I also made sure our therapy team knew I was passionate about learning and being hands-on. What started as a job I felt I had to do for my kids quickly became a massive passion project. I have …

Speech Therapy / Sensory Intergration

What is a Social Story and how it helps you communicate with your children

One of the first forms of therapy we started after both of the kids were diagnosed with developmental delays was attending a playgroup once a week. This was lead by a handful of Speech and Occupational Therapists through the school district’s Early Intervention program. This group was made up of about 5-6 other children under …

Speech Therapy / Sensory Intergration

Our Journey With Sensory Processing Disorder

Looking back on our journey with two toddlers who have Speech Delays and Sensory Processing Disorder, I find myself feeling extremely lucky to have close family members who work in the therapy field. Ella was around 18 months old when we started to take seriously that she may be a bit behind on recessive and …